Autumn 2016

The end of Summer came rather abruptly. At one point, I was working two jobs, working on my Prelims Reading List and then suddenly, I was back in school.

Do you remember that Summer List I made? I am incredibly happy to say that I did all of those things and I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to accomplish them.

Life, in general, has been good, but tough to manage and balance.  I’m in the middle of the process of finishing coursework, taking the preliminary doctoral examinations, teaching two brand new courses, presenting a paper at a German and Dutch Studies  conference (0.0 I know) and trying to keep up with life’s demands. Nonetheless, I always find joy in spending time with friends: laughing, reading, long walks.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful moments I have shared with friends and loved ones over the past few months:




I love my life. However, this chapter of my life can be challenging sometimes even though it’s good and fun. Sometimes I don’t even want it to end, but all things do come to an end.

All I want is to savor the moment. Breathe. Enjoy.



Because of my crazy schedule (two teaching positions, an hourly position, full course load, prelims prep, conferences, and life!), I have been unable to update the blog as much as I would have liked to. I do have a lot of unfinished drafts saved up, but I wanted to write and post something meaningful…at least to me.

Today, when I was on the phone with my mom, she asked me: “If you could time travel, would you go back in time or travel to the future?”

Without hesitation, I said: “The future.”

Part of this is because I feel that as a woman of color, the past would be a dreadful place to live in. I cannot even bear to think about not being able to sit wherever I want on the bus, date the person I am currently dating or do basic things such as living by myself in a faraway Midwestern city, or vote.

Then, I thought about my current situation in 2016. While I have the privilege be a 21st century educated woman with multiple advanced degrees, the opportunity to date whomever I want, the chance to live by myself,  my life has so many, many limitations.

As a woman of color, I am afraid…

…afraid to walk down the streets by myself fearing the fact that I could be followed home by a strange man…

…afraid to find a job in the future where I will be paid equally to my male coworkers…

…afraid to be turned away when I vote this Tuesday because of X excuse about my identification…because of how I look

…afraid to tear up in a class when someone unknowingly asks me Where are you from? You just look so exotic

I am afraid to be an American who does not fit the build of an American because I am not white. I am afraid to be a woman who has to put up with misogynistic and racist comments because, if I speak up, people will be offended.

Who are we anymore? Why have the thoughts and feelings of Others, specially minorities have been so disregarded and unimportant for so long? When will we finally stop?

As a minority, an American born in the United States, but nonetheless, a minority, I want to speak up against all of this hate and fear and gruesome comments made against others. Let us stop this hatred. Let us stand together and truly say:

 Never AgainNie wieder. Plus jamais. Nunca más. Nunca mais.


Learning Ancient Greek like a Two-Year-Old

love studying Ancient Greek by myself. I sit down, read up on grammar and do translation exercises over and over again until I feel like I learned something. However, sometimes this independent study setup can be daunting so I try to make it as fun as I can.

For instance, I have a lot of interesting mnemonic (from the AG, μνημονικός mnemonikos) devices for the alphabet.

Disclaimer: The boyfriend who is a dead languages expert does not approve of my learning methods, but he laughs every time he sees this list!


1.ω-> omega looks like a butt. 


It does though!!!

2.The dative declension ending for masculine and neuter nouns is -ῷ aka butt with squiggly line OR butt with a tail.


3. Ancient Greek also has Ψ/ψ -> psī, which I call King Triton’s fork.


4. I fondly call phi (φ) lollipop.

giphy3 5. My favorites though are ζ->zēta and ξ-> xī, which I like to call twirly line and super twirly line respectively. However, I can barely write it correctly so I end up making  both letters extra twirly.


And these are just a few examples of the things I do to entertain myself while I learn (yet another) dead language. I’ll keep you posted on my progress which is terribly slow, but one day I’ll be able to read Plato (a girl can dream).

*All gifs are from giphy.

The Neapolitan Novels

After finishing most Murakami books, I felt like I needed a change of pace and decided to delve into the NY Times bestseller list and, per usual, it sucks. I finally read the novel a billion people had recommended, Fates and Furies, and was severely disappointed by its writing, lack of originality, and plot. The writer herself went to school in Madison and I was very much looking forward to getting to know her work. Nonetheless, Fates and Furies left a bad taste in my mouth.

I had been hearing about Elena Ferrante for a while now and still had not read anything by her…then I requested My Brilliant Friend from the local public library. As you may have noticed, I am incredibly picky and, frankly,  rather snobbish about books. I usually favor classic books and pretty much dismiss contemporary options unless I’m impressed by an intrinsic narrative (aka Murakami).

However, this book is brilliant. Sure, it’s a translation (I have some reading knowledge of Italian, but that takes me forever), but it is so complex and honest. I cannot wait to start the next two books. Ferrante has an amazing writing style. Her story is poignant, classic, and timeless. I completely recommend her for a great read before the Summer ends!

Expectations vs Reality

A month ago, I was flying back from Washington DC to Chicago O’Hare. After spending an extra hour on the plane, I started to notice that we were flying in a line, meaning we had been flying around in circles for a while. I had already been in a bad mood for various pesky travel inconveniences and did not want to imagine the worst. Please let us land soon, I kept thinking.

Suddenly, the pilot states: “I’m sure only frequent flyers have noticed, but we have been flying around in circles for an hour. Apparently, there’s bad weather in Chicago and we might not be able to land. Folks, there’s no one more excited about landing to Chicago than me. We’ll keep flying for a while, but if we don’t get the yes; we’ll have to land in Indianapolis to refuel. Sorry, folks.”

Oh no. My heart started beating faster. I was exhausted. I had just spent a week helping a friend with her wedding and just wanted to land in Chicago so I could spend a relaxing week away from Madison with my significant other.

Alas! The pilot made the final call to land in Indianapolis.

My boyfriend, who had been waiting for hours at the airport inside a tiny car (he’s pretty big and tall), must have been surprised when he saw my text: “Hey, I’m in Indianapolis.” Our plans had been entirely changed.

You must be thinking what’s the point of this story? Well, sometimes we have a series of expectations about how our lives will turn out. This travel incident is but a mere example of how our plans can be immediately turned around.

You’ll definitely feel as if you’re flying around in circles going nowhere…desperate to find your way home. Or you might feel lost in an unknown place…waiting to feel at home.

Either way we have to accept that our reality will most likely not align with our expectations. What matters is how we learn to deal with these situations.

Sometimes we may not handle it in a mature way.

Sometimes we’ll feel distraught and discouraged.

Sometimes we’ll fall apart.

And that’s okay.

The important part is how you pick yourself up from these disappointments: adjust, rethink, reanalyze. Then, we’ll realize that it wasn’t important at all. It was for the best. You pick up your bags, put them in the trunk of the car and drive off into the sunset.

Obsessed with Murakami

Last Spring Break, I read 8 novels: three of which were written by Haruki Murakami and two of them I fell in love with. I hope to continue my romance with Murakami this Summer as I explore new worlds, genuine stories, and uncanny narratives.

I had previously read Murakami, but just novellas (The Strange Library) and a short story (TV People). I liked him fine, but did not realize that there was still a whole new world left to explore.

Below are my short reviews or takes on the novels I have read by him lately.

1. After Dark

I started with After Dark and was initially very underwhelmed. It was a story about a girl who read books and drank coffee at Denny’s… of course, afterwards an unimaginable story breaks in, but the writing fell flat for me. The characters were unlikeable and the plot was not as interesting as I expected it to be.

2. The Colorless Life of Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

I fell head over heels with this brilliant novel. This book consumed me from beginning to end so much that I stayed up until 3:00 am once to continue reading it. Murakami wrote a genuine, intelligent story about a relatively young man and the way with which he needed to deal with his past in order to move on with his life. It was an incredible mystery and love story (and not a boy meets girl type of love story). The characters all had their moment to shine and connect with our colorless protagonist. This is definitely a Murakami must-read! 

3. Norwegian Wood

I was a little hesitant to read this novel because (a) I had just finished The Colorless Life of Tsukuri Tazaki and did not want to be disappointed,(b) it’s one of Murakami’s most read novels, and (c) I’m always wary to read something named after a Beatles song. Nonetheless, as soon as I started reading, it I was unable to stop myself. Murakami, yet again, writes an intelligent, beautiful story about genuine people and their lives. I understand why this novel is so popular! It is amazing!

4. A Wild Sheep Chase

I was curious about this one because Murakami seems to be obsessed with sheep! He writes about the Sheep Man in The Strange Library and there are definitely a ton of sheep here. However, I was quite disappointed by it. I did not really enjoy this detectiveesque tale. Still, it was an interesting book.

Extra Reviews:

5. The Strange Library

I read this one in a Media Fictions course last semester. We learned how writing is a form of media itself and how much the materiality of a book (i.e. the way it is presented to you) affected the way we read it. This version of The Strange Library was genuinely interesting. We have a four fold book and half of the story is told alongside strange images. It also looks like a library book that you’ve taken out, which makes it even more compelling. It was a very interesting experiment, but alas…I did not love the story. Sheep Alert: you will see the Sheep Man here.

6. “TV People”

Ah…the weird surreal story that led me to the Murakami pathway. I taught this story in a Literature course at the university. It’s basically a very short read with a lot of weird things happening at the same time only to come to a very foreign, drawn out conclusion. Still…you crave more after you have finished.

Verdict: While I do love Murakami, I think his best stories are about broken people in this world. I have a hard time understanding the surreal worlds that he submerges the readers in. I believe that he thrives when he writes what he knows and when he doesn’t we still have a fantastic story that is somehow missing something. I would just say keep on reading Murakami because you never know what you might stumble into. Because of that, my love affair with Murakami continues…

I have also just acquired 8 more of his books so I will let you know how I feel about them afterwards.

OH…and he loves cats!

Fun Summer Plans

With the end of the semester slowly approaching, I have been thinking a lot about my summer plans. After sadly getting rejected for a coveted German scholarship, I realized that I would have to spend the Summer in Madison. Lucky for me, Summers in Madison are magical.

  1. Travel to DC:

My friend Stephanie is getting married this May and she asked me to be her bridesmaid! Last Summer, I had the opportunity to be the bridesmaid for another great friend in NJ so I extended my stay and traveled to NYC by myself and it was a w e s o m e. This year I hope to meet up with friends in DC, go sightseeing (Holocaust Museum!),  have a blast at this wedding, and return briefly to good old Madison.

2. Roadtrip:

I will accompany the  boyfriend to his college reunion right after the wedding (crazy, right?). I’m jumping from a plane to a long car ride to Indiana with the SO and our friend. The boys will probably be hogging the radio, but I can just sit back, read a novel, and relax! I’m looking forward to listening to two-hour long riddles, napping, and long philosophical conversations. After that, it will be great to meet the SO’s friends and spend some time in Indiana (never been!).

3. Languages, languages, languages:

As many of you may already know, I am obsessed with languages. A year ago I decided to take Latin to fulfill my Ancient Language requirement…such a mistake. I really wish I would have learned Ancient Greek instead. Nevertheless, there is always an opportunity to rectify mistakes. I will teach myself AG, continue to practice German (German Conversations with friends! ), and teach the boyfriend some Spanish. It will be interesting to see where things go during the Summer. I’m excited though!

4. Work:

While I am still in the process of finding a good Summer job, I believe it will be an enriching experience regardless of what ends up happening. Finding Summer funding as a graduate student is a difficult task, but not impossible. Watch out world, I’ll be sending resumés and cover letters your way.

5. Reading List:

Ah, my favorite time of the year is here. Every Summer I compile different reading lists with classics, contemporary novels, lit theory books, etc. I cannot wait to read more Murakami for fun, Poetry Reading Groups (translating Old English poem Spanish translations…I know) or to delve into some complex Heideggerian book.

6. I sports, you sports, he/she/it sports:

Oh, the art of sporting. Somehow I was convinced to join yet another Summer Sports League. It will be kickball this Summer. I always get slightly anxious about it because I really do not sports at all, but it always builds good community and is great for meeting new people. So…we’ll see.

7. Hang out with Friends:

F i n a l l y…I will have the chance to see my friends more often, talk, and socialize! It will be nice to keep up with my friends (married, new, about to get married, etc). I cannot wait to happily balance alone time and friend time.

8. Prepare for the preliminary doctoral examination:

This one gives me so much anxiety. If it all goes well, I will prelim Summer 2017, which means I have a year to prepare with my advisor. I will start making my reading lists this Summer and hopefully it will all happen (scary!!!).

9. Weddings Galore:

After my 21st birthday, every Summer has consisted of friends and loved ones getting married. Luckily, weddings are always a fun opportunity to get dressed up, dance, and have fun!

10. Relax:

These are all great, fun plans, but I want this Summer to be relaxing. I do not want to be stressed about any aspects of my life, but rather enjoy time off from school.

I’ll let you know how it went!

Perfect New York City Trip

Last year, I went to a wedding on the East Coast and decided to make a fun trip out of it: wedding, Atlantic City, and the Big Apple.

After the wedding, my cousin Kim and I decided to drive down from Edison to Atlantic City in New Jersey. We spent quality cousin time together, we gambled, had nice dinners, and explored the AC Boardwalk. However, the New York City trip was amazing because I just traveled solo and planned out the perfect 36 hours in the city.

Day 1 (Evening)

7:00 pm: Kim drove me to the city and I got settled in the tiniest hotel room ever on the Upper West Side.

7:30 pm: We went for a quick stroll to Central Park with iced tea and coffee in our hands. The weather was gorgeous!  We took pictures in front of the Museum of Natural History and recapped our weekend in Atlantic City (people can get a little crazy down there).

Cousin Trip

8:00 pm: We decided to be adventurous and have delicious vegan food at Peacefood Café on 460 Amsterdam Ave. I had the vegan chili and the fluffy quinoa salad.


8:45 pm: We kept walking up Amsterdam and stopped at Treat House for dessert. It was awesome and they had a lot of different types of marshmallow treats.

9:00 pm: My cousin drove back to her home outside the city and I spent the night doing some work for the Summer job I had at the time and anxiously waiting for my perfect NYC day.

Day 2:

8:00 am: I walked down to Zabar’s (amazing Kosher food!)  on Broadway and 80th to pick up a quick bagel and fresh coffee togo. Then, I moved over two blocks west to Riverside Park for some light reading, dog watching, and looking out at the Hudson River. I read some Madame Bovary in French and was ready to seize the day.

coffee and bagels NYC

8:30 am: I headed over to Central Park West from Broadway to 72nd and saw the Dakota Building, where John Lennon used to live, but unfortunately it was under construction. Then, I listened in on a German tour group at Strawberry Fields.

strawberry fields nyc

Afterwards, I walked over to the Friends fountain, but as many of you know they didn’t actually film the opening credits there, but rather on a set in LA. Still, it was awesome.

9:00 am: MET Time! Little known fact for non locals, the Metropolitan Art Museum is donation-based meaning…that it is basically F R E E. However, I still made a small donation because I felt bad. They had Anna Wintour’s China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition, which was fantastic!

Anna Wintour exhibition


10:45 am: After over a good hour and a half at the museum, I headed outside and sat on the steps of the MET with some iced tea in my hand. It was fantastic. Then I wandered off to the streets of the Upper East Side to take the subway on 86th and Lexington. Fun fact: I accidentally took the subway uptown instead of downtown, which was annoying but a good experience in itself.

11:30 am: I made a quick stop at Grand Central Station to meet Kim because we were meeting my other cousin, Chris, for lunch. Grand Central is such a beautiful place (and free to just wander around there) right in the middle of the City so if you’re around Times Square make sure to make a pit stop there as well as the New York Public Library.  After that, we took the subway down to Chelsea for lunch.

Grand Central Station

12:15 pm: My cousin Chris took us out to lunch at this amazing restaurant right off the Meatpacking Industry near where he works. We went to The Standard Grill on 843 Washington St and had an amazing lunch with homemade sorbet for dessert. Afterwards, we headed up to the High Line Park. This amazing new park has amazing views, great designs, and cool little funky shops. Since it was built recently,  it wasn’t packed with tourists at all.


2:00 pm: Kim and I took the subway back Midtown and hung around Times Square, got some macaroons at Ladurée and hung around the 30 Rock area. We also stopped at the New York Public Library and had coffee in Bryant Park. It was amazing!

4:00 pm: I took the subway back to my temporary home and got ready for dinner with my college roommate who works as a fashion designer in the city.

5:30 pm: We decided to head over a couple of blocks up to the Columbia campus area. We found this nice, underrated rooftop bar/restaurant called The Heights. We had some of their amazing burritos and enjoyed the view of uptown NYC.

7:00 pm: We moved the party to Refinery Rooftop Midtown. The space was amazing with a good wine selection. After a long night, we called it a day and Ubered home.


Day 3:

8:00 am: Before checking out of my beautiful, tiny hotel room, I headed over to Café Lalo for some croissants, éclairs au chocolat, and coffee. Their coffee was amazing and gave me the energy for another great NYC day.


9:15 am: I made a pit stop at The Strand Bookstore to pick up some nice limited edition Shakespeare comedies. This is a great store and I would definitely recommend it to anyone near this touristy area.

10:45 am: I met my college roommate again at her place in Brooklyn Heights. We headed over to the Brooklyn Promenade for a nice stroll under the sun.

11222251_10155980286880261_2390347079001943657_n12:00 pm: Then, we had amazing lobster rolls in DUMBO until it was time to head over to the airport.


My NYC Trip was an amazing opportunity to catch up with friends and family. I would definitely redo it again and would recommend all of the places I visited to anyone. I will also be posting more Midwest spots to visit from trips I made last year and I will keep writing about the places I will visit this year.

Next Trip: DC! Can’t wait!

PS. This was written under a procrastination caffeine haze!



An Update

Hello fellow readers.

Yes, I do realize it has been a while since I last wrote/published anything. I guess you could say I am in a bit of a rut. Thankfully, life in 2016 has been mostly okay. Grad school, however, has been ridiculously hard.

I am currently in the process of wrapping up coursework for my PhD. This means I have been taking a series of class requirements that I am not particularly too thrilled about. From Latin to Early Modern French literature courses to teaching classes I’m not particularly fond of, I have started to operate mechanically in some ways. I wish I could work on my research instead of dealing with pesky tasks, but that is not really the case and it won’t be for a while.

I came to the realization that life is full of a lot of things that we do not want to do, but we still do them. Why?

  1. Because we learn something: As much as I complain about Latin or French Lit, I have learned so much this semester. Latin has taught me how to better understand languages and how to construct sentences and ideas in ways I had not thought of before. (It helps that the boyfriend patiently tutors me on all matters of scansion and the ablative absolute.) On the other hand, my French has gotten so much better after rereading a lot of early modern books. From reading Laclos to Molière, I have learned to write a pretty damn good dissertation in French and eloquently express my ideas about literature in class. (I have also randomly learned a lot of colloquialisms)
  2. Because we simply just *have* to: Obligations are a scary ordeal. The fact that you have to sit through a lot of things you don’t particularly care about in order to move forward with life is not pleasant at all. However, it gives you some sort of structured guidance. For instance, my PhD degree has a lot of requirements. From languages to PhD minors to breadth requirements, it gets to be a lot. Nonetheless, I love how well-structured my program is. I like knowing exactly what I have to do next (INFJ trait).
  3. Because the fun parts of life become more fun: Right now I barely have time for anything. I am wrapping up the semester (this blog post is my procrastination task of the day) and everything is ridiculously stressful. I try my best to take the time to be present: in the moment. I enjoy long walks to work, cooking a simple meal, brief quality time with friends, and doing work next to my significant other. Even if I am working with people, we always take the time to have a brief conversation, share our lives, and stay on track. Grad school is a hard, sometimes lonely place and family, friends, and fun make it worth it.
  4. Because it teaches us to balance things: The biggest game I have learned to play this past academic year is how to balance it all. How can I keep up with friends, schoolwork, multiple jobs, and all the extra academic work you have to do? These class requirements have taught me that there really isn’t time for everything…and that’s okay. All we need is time to reflect, to have fun, to work, to destress, etc.

If it isn’t clear from the blog post, I still struggle with all of these obligations. I have long, never-ending to-do lists, a mess of languages in my head (guys, I started teaching myself Ancient Greek!), a ridiculous pile of books I need to read, lesson planning, job hunting, and so many other obligations and responsibilities that will not ever fit into a simple blog post.

However, life is more than all of these things. Life is a rapid stream of water and, when you least expect it, the waters will settle and it will all be worth it.

A Challenging Journey

As I’ve mentioned before, my biggest, and only resolution for 2015 was to challenge myself on a daily basis. Yes. It is so hard to keep my resolution at times, but I merely wish to do things I have always wanted to do, but have never had “the time” or “the push” to do them. The main reason of this challenge was to try new things as often as I could even if I didn’t really enjoy them at all.

So far, I have done the following:11228899_10156059277120261_8139175438790882153_n

  1. SnowboardingWhat a challenge! It was one of the most difficult things I have done in my life, but thankfully I had a fantastic time. If it wasn’t for my close friend, Stephanie and her fiancé, I would not have learned how to do it. I still have a long way to go before I master it, but I am on my way!
  2. Square Dancing: I love Jane Austen and the tradition of square/country dancing, so it was one of the first things I wanted to try out during the year. 10984469_10153225197070730_2908800593409056206_nNeedless to say, it was full of older people (as in as old as my grandmother), but it was really fun! I would love to go again!
  3. Be Active! I have always wanted to be consistently active in my daily life, but I’ve never really pursued it. During Winter, I started going to hot yoga as well as running, consistently. Heck, I even joined a Summer Sports League where we played soccer, ultimate frisbee, and flag football every week!
  4. Cooking Challenge: During the summer, I started making more homemade meals. It started out as if you pin it on pinterest, you’re making it, and I did! I made delicious recipes such as coconut curry butternut squash soup, polenta, homemade pizza, brownies, and traditional Puerto Rican dishes such as mofongo, mantecaditos, arroz con habichuelas, and pastelón.
  5. Travel…by myself: Last June, I was a bridesmaid for one of my closest girlfriends and her wedding was in New Jersey…where I didn’t know anyone but my friend and her husband. Nonetheless, I made up the excuse to go to Atlantic City with family, and explore New York City all by myself. It was INCREDIBLE.12038170_10156059279945261_7522223787642765251_n.jpg
  6. The Dating Game: Okay, so I have never dated… ever. Sure, I have had a series of relationships, but I had never purposely gone out on dates. Last year, I accepted to go on dates with a few gentlemen. Some dates were nice, others were horror stories, but they were all a great learning process. After a while, I learned to relax, chill out, and have a nice time. Not every man you meet will be a winner, but you’ll (eventually) learn how to have a normal conversation without putting your foot on your mouth.
  7. Wisconsin Culture: Even though I have lived in Wisconsin for over two years, I had never really done a lot of Wisconsin-y things–specially if they were sports-related. Before moving here, every single time I told someone that I was going to live everyone kept asking me: Why? I simply knew that there had to be a reason for being here and, as it turns out, Madison is the perfect livable city. There are so many fun things to do! From college football to sports leagues, I gave “sports” a try. It definitely was not my cup of tea, but it was worth it! It was very interesting to try and understand the culture behind it.1977160_10156164345215261_2603305936314359808_n
  8. Musical Challenge: I had been playing the ukelele for over a year, but I had never successfully mastered it. I made it my mission to learn more songs and more chords. It is such an accessible instrument that it would have been a complete waste to not explore it. On another note, I wanted to muster up the courage to sing solo a little bit more so I sang the Psalm by myself during mass or started to confidently pursue solos. Again, not my cup of tea, but it definitely did wonders for my confidence.
  9. Graduated: I have a Master’s Degree!! Sometimes I think it’s crazy, but I have worked so hard for it. I still have a PhD to acquire as my goal, but in the meantime I will still enjoy the fact that I graduated (and will possibly remain in school for a whiiiile).
  10. Read More…for FUN: After earning a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature, I was exhausted from “assigned reading”. Therefore, I compiled a fun Summer Reading List that allowed me to explore things outside of my own research. It was fantastic!
  11. Pursue Deeper, Meaningful Friendships: At the beginning of the year, I spent a fun weekend in Chicago with a few close friends and it was wonderful! My goal was to keep nourishing those friendships as much and as often as I could. So far it has been an amazing pursuit and I hope to keep flourishing at this.
  12. Make New Grad Student Friends: After this past Summer, I realized that I didn’t really have a lot of graduate student friends so I made it my goal to meet new people and befriend them. I met wonderful people, befriended people I should have befriended in the first place, and decided to just put myself out there. It has been a blast to have friends with common postgrad struggles.
  13. Apply myself: I decided to just try to apply for more things in graduate school whether it’s language programs, trying out a different language, or being more outspoken. I have tried to make learning, not grad school, one of the most important things in my life.
  14. Languages: My program requires me to know an Ancient language so I decided to try Latin as well as to keep studying the languages I do know like Portuguese and German.
  15. Tea/Coffee Connoisseur:I love tea and coffee! Thus, I acquired a tea pot and an espresso maker. In regards to coffee, I have learned a lot more about coffee roasters around the area and the types of coffee beans and roasts that I prefer. When it came down to tea, I just learned to differentiate the different types, steeps, and benefits. I seriously do not regret doing this. It has been so much fun!
  16. Blogging: I have had blogs since I was thirteen years old. Needless to say, they ranged from inconsistent erratic posts about liking Harry Potter to complaining about silly, petty things. I never really kept up any of the blogs, not even the ones I had in college. I wanted to write about life in the Midwest, travel, funny thoughts, and dating. Lost in the Midwest has been an incredible outlet for expunging my thoughts in a healthy demeanor. I have used it to laugh at myself, personal situations, and explore wordpress as a whole.

I still have no idea what next year’s resolution will be, but I hope that this list will help someone who has no idea what to try next.

Happy Holidays!