Running, Bird Attacks, and Catcalling

For the past month, I have been going on runs.

I know… I know. Patricia and running? Those two things do not go together. However, I started running with a friend near the lake and it’s been exhausting, fun, and insane. It was only two weeks ago that I decided to run by myself…and I nearly died, but I didn’t.

Then, on one of my runs, I started thinking about all the circumstances you’re in while you’re running. In fact, life is very similar to running.

The following lessons from my runs definitely apply to life:

1. Pace yourself

This seems pretty obvious, but it’s true. You rush your run, specially when you’re a first-timer, and you will feel like death itself. That was not a hyperbole. The same applies to life. You need to pace yourself in whatever situation you’re in…whether you want certain things to happen and they don’t, or you can’t find a job, a boyfriend/girlfriend…just calm down, breathe in slowly, pace yourself and push forward. You’ll get there.

2. Keep good company

To be honest, running with a friend is always much more fun than running by myself. My friend, Bridget, keeps me simultaneously entertained and focused on this arduous activity. In life, you need to surround yourself with good people that will do the same for you. Friends should support you and be good influences in your life. It’s not that hard to find a good support system. Seek these people out! They’re worth it!

3. Sometimes you just have to be alone

Yes, running by yourself is such a liberating experience. You will find a way to focus on yourself, enjoy your surroundings, and pursue self-improvement through running. You should expect the same out of life. You can’t always be surrounded by friends. Sometimes you need to cool off, stay home, and treat yourself…just you, no one else.

4. Hydrate

Just….really? Just drink plenty of fluids in life, when you exercise, whenever. Just do it.

5. Stay away from attacks

FUN anecdote: I went on a run to a park nearby. Wings flapping, bawking, and BAM! A bird attacked me. It pecked my head consistently and it was angry at me. Sure, it doesn’t sound like a “real attack”, but it was a little too “Hitchcock” for my taste and it was really scary in the moment.

On another fun note, every single time I go for a run, there are creepy men available for catcalling. Yes, the infamous disgusting tale of random creeps “complimenting” a young woman from afar instead of minding their own business. As scary as the bird attack was, I am NOT a fan of catcalling. It is really terrifying to feel like no matter what, there will always be a creep yelling “compliments” at you.

My point is that, in life as well as in running, you need to stay away from these kinds of attack. However, sometimes they are completely inevitable. My advice is to keep your cool, calm down, and ignore the attacks from birds, catcallers or anyone, really.

Running, like life, doesn’t always have to be a pain. In short, you may feel like giving up or dying, but you can do it! Keep your focus, pace yourself, and enjoy life!

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