The Downward Spiral

As I’ve mentioned before, I made the decision to challenge myself this 2015. What a difficult task!

Throughout the past three and half months, I have decided to cook more international food, play more music, workout activities, calligraphy, square dancing, hot yoga, rediscover my love for photography and too many more things to count! (I will talk more about these activities later on) However, my favorite of these challenges is travel.

love visiting new places, old places, meeting new people, and delving into new environments.

Before Spring Break, I went on a retreat in Northern Wisconsin. Wynncliff Manor is  the perfect location for a getaway.


Do not be fooled by the barn. This beautiful countryside estate has a beautiful lakeside house, a lodge, a barn AND it’s located in front of the beautiful Lake Michigan.

After a stressful semester, it was the best opportunity to travel with my closest group of friends to this location. We settled down, experienced the retreat, walked on the beach (even though it was freezing) and prayed intensely. Not to mention, I loved exploring around the property. It was incredibly fun and stress-relieving.


This beautiful staircase always captured my attention. It has been a year since I visited Wynncliff, and it was incredible to be back. Sometimes it strikes me how much things have changed within the span of a year.

At times, the struggles of life carry a heavy weight in our hearts. Things change. We stray away from our original desires and we make new ones. We focus on different pastimes. Friends change. Feelings fade away. We change…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Somehow, we realize that things change for the best. We change because we grow. We mature. We learn. We fall out of love. We fall in love.

It’s a constant never-ending struggle, but it is one that  challenges life in the best possible way.

Seasons change. The leaves fall, the snow melts, and the arid sun returns.

We should embrace this change. Take a look around and be thankful.