The Unbearable Lightness of Being

I decided to take a walk yesterday afternoon. IMG_1723 It was 50 degrees, sunny and beautiful. For this reason, I felt the desire to awaken my soul through the beauty of nature. So…I grabbed my camera, my headphones and Spotify playlist and headed towards Lakeshore.

As I arrived to the path, I noticed that all the trees were dead, that I had no subjects or beyond beautiful objects to photograph. It wasn’t as warm as I thought it was and a billion thoughts were overwhelming my head. Suddenly, I saw a few ducks sunbathing near the only small, melted portion of the still-frozen lake. I wondered…why won’t they swim in their little pond? Why would they wait to delve into the waters that they’ve waited for for so long? IMG_1678

All of the sudden, it made complete sense to me. The excruciating, painstakingly long wait did not made the ducks entirely ready for it. Instead of diving into a small, little pond, they opted to sunbathe…warming their bodies and preparing themselves for that beautiful swim across the lake. Only then would it be worth it.

What a metaphor for life!

So often are we feeling burdensome with the constant struggles of life and, yet, we forget that every tear, every denial or rejection is preparing us for a greater future. However, instead of becoming so focused on these trials, why don’t we just accept all of the bad things and maintain a joyful demeanor? Instead of diving head-straight into life, why don’t we say goodbye to all the bad things? To all the mistakes, all of the screw-ups, misunderstandings and losses.

Unexpectedly, we will realize that all of our personal and emotional turmoil won’t seem as difficult. Our past will further prepare us to handle new situations in our lives because we will be predisposed to accept life. Waiting is a constant struggle for everyone (myself included), but the patience that we attain as we stumble across the tumultuous path of life will open up our hearts to yearn for that something more.

And, then, when we least expect it. The sun will set. Life will go on and we will rejoice in the fact that we made it through. We will wait patiently,  gaze upon the open waters and submerge ourselves into the great unknown. IMG_1804

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