Chicago Birthday

Hello again!

2015 began with a BANG! In 2014, I made plans to travel more. For my birthday, I wanted to have a weekend getaway. However, traveling usually requires a lot of money. It is insanely difficult to travel on a budget, but not impossible.

Then, I realized: “I moved to the Midwest.” I am literally in the center of so many different states; I can explore and visit so many beautiful places. Where should I go for an entire weekend? How about the Second City: Chicago!


Although I had visited Chicago numerous times, I had never spent an exorbitant amount of time in the city. My birthday was the perfect opportunity to delve into the metropolitan Illinois area.

Back in December, I talked to my closest friends and planned to have the weekend of a lifetime. Fast-forward to January, five Christ-centered women headed over to the Windy City and formed the friendship of a lifetime.


It felt entirely surreal. For years, I had been praying for good girlfriends. I had never had much luck in finding friends that I could trust, talk to and have a good old-fashioned time with. Through the years, I have met wonderful women with whom I have had the opportunity to befriend. Nevertheless, something usually went wrong.

Everyday we were able to discuss relevant topics, reference our favorite TV shows or films and basically joke around for an entire weekend. We could talk about significant difficult subjects, personal experiences in our lives and still have a lot of fun.

While we do have a lot in common (our love for Starbucks, Parks and Rec, music), we have the incredible blessing of having a Christ-centered friendship. Sometimes life surprises us in strange ways. When our hope is shaken, people come along and spark our lives. These friendships, strengthened by Jesus, will forever sear our hearts because we found the ones we would like alongside this path called life. And it is truly a joy to walk alongside these wonderful women.


This was a life-changing weekend, in the best way. Not only did I have the opportunity to visit incredible, beautiful places such as the Sears Tower (Willis Tower), Hancock Tower, Millennium Park and admire beautiful expressionist pieces at  the Art Institute of Chicago, but I also had the chance to ponder about my life.

At a glance, it seemed like everything was taken away from me. Through life’s trials, I learned that I need to Let GO and Let GOD! As Mark Hart said

When God closes a door, don’t try to shove your foot in to stop it. Trust him. Let it close. His Plan is always better.”


2015 is a year of change, love and friendship.

Chicago was my first stop, but it certainly will not be my last.


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